Portraits include:

Mrs. Margaret Good, New Orleans
Kathryn Gilbert, New Hampshire
Nina Winters, New York
Mrs. Ellen Klempner-Beguin, Miami
Mrs. Lili Tibo Alpaugh, New Orleans
Mrs. Isobelle Strong, New Orleans
Mrs. Mildred Lemmon, New Orleans
Renata Pumpelly, Los Angeles
Mr. and Mrs. John Godell, Cape Cod
Avon Honorees, Avon Corporation
Chidvilasananda, Indian spiritual leader, Bombay, India
Daughter and daughter-in-law of Mr. Albert Muller, Tenefly, New Jersey
Mr. Godfrey Parkerson, New Orleans
Head of N.Y.U. School of Nursing, Diane McGivern, New York City
Headmistress, Masters School, Pamela Clarke, Dobbs Ferry, New York
The five children of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hart, New Hampshire
Mrs. Mary Scannell and daughter, Nancy, Florida
Mrs. Martin Tepper, New York City
University of Chicago, Mrs. Pearl Zinner, Chicago
The El Hage children, Massachusetts
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Halpern
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Foster, Massachusetts
Miss Robbins, Natick, Massachusetts
The Malfitano children, Florida
Mr. Alexander Beguin, New Hampshire