Portrait painting is one of the most interesting areas in all of painting. "Interesting" because of the endless fascination we have for the human face and form. It is also a deeply moving experience for the circle of family and friends of the subject to see a loved one revealed and captured at a moment in his or her personal history. As the person who commissions a portrait, you may feel great pride and tenderness in providing a momentous and meaningful opportunity for someone you love.

As the subject of a portrait, you may wonder: "Will the painter be able to portray what is special about me?" "Will I feel good about what I see when the painting is completed?" "Will the people who are important to me value my portrait?"

For many people who commission their own portraits, they are doing so to convey something meaningful about themselves to those who follow them.

I deeply enjoy revealing the beauty and essence of the people I paint, and I believe that every face deserves to be painted.

When you commission me to paint a portrait of you, or someone whom you respect and care for, I understand that you are placing trust in me that goes well beyond the execution of a commercial transaction.

I commit to caring about your aspirations and executing a portrait that is the perfect physical and spiritual likeness of the subject. When done with taste and skill, fine art portraiture becomes part of one’s personal history and remains for other generations to enjoy, not only as "grandmother" or "father" but also as a work of art.